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Beogradski sindikat (Serbian Cyrillic: ?????????? ????????, English: Belgrade Syndicate) is a popular eleven-member hip-hop collective from Belgrade, Serbia.

The group has released two albums: BSSST...Tišincina (Shhh...Silence) in early 2002 and Svi zajedno (All Together) in 2005, as well as the single Govedina (Beef) (September 2002), a controversial broadside against the entire Serbian political scene. A similar single, Oni su (They are), was released in December 2006, in the run up to a Serbian parliamentary election in January 2007. Two members of the group, Škabo (Shkabo) and Shef Sale, have released solo albums, Sam and Prvi udar respectively. Škabo also collaborated with his wife on PVO, as part of the PKS duo.

The group was formed on March 21, 1999, with the merging of Red Zmaja (Škabo, Dajs, Ðolo) and TUMZ (Tehnika Upravljanjem Mikrofonom i Znanjem; Blaža, Ogi, Mare (Deda), Darko) together with rappers MC Flex and Chef Sale. A new member, Prota, joined in 2004, followed by DJ IRon in 2006.

* Group members:

1. Blaža, MC
2. Ogi, MC
3. Deda aka Mare, MC, beatmaker
4. Darko aka Dare, MC
5. Škabo, MC, beatmaker
6. Ðolodolo, MC
7. Dajs aka Dica, MC
8. MC Flex, MC, beatmaker
9. Chef Sale, MC
10. Prota, beatmaker
11. DJ IRon, DJ


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